High Priestess as Feelings in Love & Relationships: A Tarot Interpretation

The High Priestess is the second card of the major arcana and represents intuition, inner wisdom, and the subconscious mind. When the high Priestess appears in a love reading, whether upright or reversed, this enigmatic card offers insight into how the specific person in question feels about the relationship.

The high priestess tarot card’s meaning can vary depending on the situation, but this card often signifies hidden emotions, repressed desires, and mystical connections. An upright high priestess tarot card as feelings indicates deep, wordless feelings of love as well as an unspoken spiritual bond. But if you draw the high Priestess reversed as feelings, it may reveal blocked intuition, emotional distance, secrets, or Disconnected feminine energy.

The high priestess card also indicates inner balance and the need for logic and mystical intuition regarding heart matters. In our guide, you can learn more about taking a tarot reading and drawing the high priestess card alone or as part of a tarot card combination.

By the end, you’ll better understand why the High Priestess is a sign and how you can trust your inner self when you see the High Priestess in an upright position or have your High Priestess in reverse.  (Read The Hierophant as Feelings in Love & Relationships)

High Priestess Tarot Card Means

What Does the High Priestess Tarot Card Generally Mean?

The meaning of the high priestess tarot card suggests various things. The card shows a woman sitting between two pillars marked B and J, representing Boaz and Jachin from the Temple of Solomon. She holds a scroll and wears a blue cloak decorated with pomegranates, a crescent moon at her feet. The high Priestess is associated with intuition, mystery, the subconscious mind, and hidden knowledge.

The high priestess tarot card indicates wisdom, feminine energy, mystery, intuition, and the subconscious mind. As an upright tarot card, the High Priestess suggests using intuition over logic to understand a situation. She asks you to tune into your inner voice.

Reversed, the high priestess tarot card can indicate blocked intuition or an inability to listen to your inner wisdom. It can suggest ignoring emotions or not trusting yourself. The reversed meaning may indicate hidden secrets, repression, or something hidden from conscious awareness.

High Priestess as Feelings in Love & Relationships

Regarding love and relationships, the high priestess tarot card meaning can vary depending on whether it is upright or reversed. Here are the most common interpretations of the high priestess love meanings:

Upright High Priestess

The upright high Priestess in love often represents deep, mystical feelings of love. The high priestess card always suggests a spiritual and emotional connection on a soul level. There may be a sense of “knowing” without being told explicitly. The upright high Priestess can also indicate keeping their feelings of love repressed; perhaps because they are so profound, you cannot put them into words. It’s a sign these emotions reside deep in your subconscious mind.

In a relationship reading, an upright high priestess reflects intuition, mystery, and a connection that transcends the material plane. You may understand one another without speaking.

Reversed High Priestess

When the reverse high Priestess signifies love, it suggests blocked emotions or an inability to see your true feelings or inner truths. Reversed, the high Priestess often shows feelings of repression or hiding from yourself and others.

The reversed High Priestess also reflects on a relationship that lacks meaningful connection on a soul level. One or both partners may need to listen to their intuition. Secrets and emotional distance may interfere with soul-bonding.

In a love reading, a reversed high priestess tells of a relationship that is out of balance. Logic and intellect may dominate intuition and come to feelings of a different matter. Opening up emotionally and spiritually may be necessary to deepen the bond. (Read Dreaming Of Another Woman While In A Relationship)

High Priestess in a love reading

The High Priestess as Advice in Love

When the high Priestess appears in a love reading, pay attention to what she advises. Here are some of the common pieces of guidance this card offers:

  • Listen to your intuition – your inner voice holds the truth.
  • Some feelings are beyond words – experience them without trying to analyze them.
  • Share your deepest feelings and truths – don’t hold back emotionally.
  • Be open to mystery – some things can’t be understood logically.
  • Explore your subconscious mind and shadow self – self-awareness leads to deeper connections.
  • Find the mystical in the mundane. Every relationship has magic if you look.
  • Appreciate the silence – you don’t need words to feel close.
  • Make sure the relationship nurtures you emotionally and spiritually.
  • Don’t ignore secrets or repress emotions – bring hidden things to light.

The High Priestess reminds you relationships require emotional availability, intuition, and continual self-work. When she appears, ensure your partnerships allow you to be authentic.

Common High Priestess Interpretations

Here are some additional interpretations of the High Priestess in a love or relationship reading:

  • The high Priestess can represent a spiritual teacher or someone who inspires mystical feelings in you, perhaps a twin flame connection.
  • The high Priestess may reflect a “third energy” impacting the relationship, such as a child or shared creative project.
  • The high Priestess can signify one partner is more intuitive while the other is more analytical. Finding balance is key.
  • Sometimes, the high Priestess represents the querent’s need for solitude to pursue the inner life.
  • The card affirms nurturing your spiritual side.
  • The high Priestess may indicate that the person in the partnership can serve as the “vision holder,” maintaining the spiritual integrity, while the other person wants to watch on.
  • In family issues, the high Priestess can represent the feminine principle or matriarch of the family having influence.
  • The high Priestess can show a need to develop intimacy and emotional honesty in the relationship.
  • The high Priestess may signify a same-sex union with dynamics mirroring the masculine/feminine interplay.

Pay attention to surrounding cards to refine the high priestess interpretation further. Her presence asks you to embrace intuition, mystery, spirituality, and relationship depth.

High Priestess as a Person Interpretations

The High Priestess as a Person

In a love reading, the High Priestess sits as a person with particular qualities or playing a specific role. Here are some interpretations:

  • An intuitive person: Someone deeply intuitive, connected to their inner wisdom, mysterious, spiritual, or works in metaphysical fields—feminine energy, receptive and quietly powerful.
  • As You: Getting in touch with your intuition, exploring your subconscious self, embracing your feminine side (regardless of gender), or learning to listen within.
  • As Your Partner: Someone highly intuitive, emotionally deep, and prefers the spiritual to the material.
  • Can be emotionally mysterious or hold back feelings: It may represent feminine energy in your male partner.
  • As the Relationship: A relationship where you can be authentic, feminine and masculine energy is balanced. A deep soul bond that defies logic.

The High Priestess Reversed as Feelings and Person

If the high priestess card appears reversed, it represents a person with another meaning:

  • Someone is resisting their intuition or feminine side. It may be cold, distant, or avoid emotional vulnerability.
  • Someone who hides feelings has hidden agendas or keeps many secrets in a relationship.
  • Your partner may be disconnected from their heart and soul. They repress emotions rather than feel them.
  • It can indicate emotional manipulation, shaming feminine energy, or sabotaging intimacy.
  • This represents blocked creativity, an inability to receive, or someone emotionally shut down.

When you get this card, take the entire reading into account. Still, generally, when the high Priestess appears reversed, the high Priestess and the empress indicate the person feels there is work to do for emotional openness toward feelings for someone. (Read Why Am I Always Searching For Something In My Dreams)

The High Priestess Upright As Feelings – His Feelings

When the High Priestess appears in a man’s feelings spread, it indicates he sees you as mysterious and alluring. This card reflects his desire to uncover your hidden depths. He is drawn to the unknown within you and wants to explore the shadows and light of your inner world. The High Priestess connects his emotions to the mystical side of love.

The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning – Her Feelings

If a woman draws the High Priestess, this major arcana card shows feelings towards a spiritual and intuitive bond with you.

The High Priestess reflects her sense that this relationship allows her to embrace her full self, including her esoteric wisdom. She is open to exploring the magical connection you share. This card can also urge her to balance light and darkness or life and death within the dynamic.

The High Priestess Tarot Card As Feelings – Ex’s Feelings

When an ex receives the High Priestess card, it suggests they still feel a strong, even mystical pull towards you. The High Priestess reflects their inner confusion about the broken connection. This major arcana card may indicate they are not ready to face the harsh finality of separation. The card urges them to find closure before moving forward.

High Priestess Tarot Card Combination Means

The High Priestess Combinations

Certain tarot combinations with the high Priestess is also seen here:

  1. High Priestess + Hierophant or 3 of Cups – Spiritual beliefs or friends may impact the relationship
  2. High Priestess + Lovers – A mystical, soulmate connection
  3. High Priestess + Hermit – Reflection and solitude are needed before the relationship progresses
  4. High Priestess + Hanged Man – Need to surrender ego to intuitive wisdom
  5. High Priestess + Emperor – Masculine energy is dominating; it is time to embrace the feminine side

Reversed can also mean:

  1. High Priestess + Devil – Repressed emotions and desires someone feels.
  2. High Priestess + 5 of Cups – Grief, loss from disconnecting from intuition and feelings for someone.

Tips for Interpreting the High Priestess

Here are some tips for getting the most insight from any high priestess card represents in a reading:

  • Notice if she represents you or your partner – her advice will differ depending.
  • Consider what masculine and feminine energy means for you.
  • How are you nurturing your connection to your inner wisdom and soul?
  • What powerful feeling is unexpressed? Why might you be holding back?
  • What fascinates you? Follow your curiosity – it leads you to the truth.
  • Is there a “third factor” impacting your relationship you need to address?
  • What would a more empowered feminine offer in this situation? How can you let her rise within you?


The mysterious high Priestess is seated and reminds us relationships involve the mystical elements of intuition, synchronicity, and the subconscious. Though her meanings are complex, she ultimately represents someone with the inner wisdom that helps love unfold magically.

You allow meaningful, deep connections by embracing intuition and sharing vulnerable truths. By opening to the unknown and listening within, you discover the mystical side of relationships. The high Priestess is all about balance – don’t overanalyze with the mind, but don’t avoid hard feelings, either.

When the veiled high Priestess arrives in a love reading, recognize her as an opportunity to dive deeper. Open up to mystery and magic, and let her reveal intuitive insights to guide you forward. Though the path isn’t always clear, she’ll illuminate the way if you tune inward.

FAQs About the High Priestess in Love

What does the high Priestess mean in soulmate/twin flame readings?

The high priestess feelings coming from a reading symbolize a profound soul connection on a spiritual level. This is likely a past-life relationship being rekindled. (Read Dreams About Large Gatherings)

Why does the high Priestess represent my partner?

They likely have strong intuitive gifts and a rich inner life. This person of interest, or if you are attracted to someone, you’ll see they may prefer the mystical to the mundane.

What does a reversed high priestess as feelings mean?

In a reversed position, the high Priestess can suggest blocked emotions, resistance to vulnerability, or disconnecting from intuition and feminine energy.

What does the high Priestess mean about my ex?

The high Priestess can mean you share a soul bond and will always feel mysteriously connected spiritually, regardless of physical separation.

What career is represented by the high Priestess?

The card can suggest careers involving spirituality, the subconscious, psychotherapy, mysticism, and healing—for example, tarot reader, therapist, shaman, author, or Priestess.

What does the high Priestess mean about keeping secrets?

She can indicate hidden feelings and repressed intuition that must be brought to light for deep intimacy and connection.

High Priestess as Feelings in Love & Relationships: A Tarot Interpretation

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