What Does It Mean When You Sell Your Soul? Unraveling the Spiritual Meanings

The concept of someone said to have sold their soul has long captured the human imagination. But what does it mean to sell your soul in today’s world? The English dictionary defines selling your soul as making a pact or deal, usually with the devil. Selling your soul is to give away your salvation in exchange for money, fame, power, or fulfillment.

When someone has sold their soul, they are perceived to have given up their moral integrity and autonomy in pursuit of success at any cost. The legend of blues musician Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil at the crossroads to gain guitar prowess remains a popular folklore example.

Other symbolic representations appear in art and literature, like Doctor Faustus, Dorian Gray, and the legend of the Virgin Mary offering her soul to save humanity. While literal soul-selling is rare, the figurative concept conveys the perils of greed and temptation. Those who sell their soul may get what they want in the short term, but lose themselves – and perhaps their salvation – in the bargain. (Read High Priestess as Feelings in Love & Relationships)

Sell Your Soul to the Devil

The Concept of Selling Soul To The Devil:

The notion of exchanging one’s soul for power, fortune, or fulfillment is very old. It dates back to the Middle Ages and appears in legends worldwide.

Some key origins and interpretations of “selling your soul” include:

  • Faustian bargain: The German legend of Dr. Faust who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge and power is a famous early example.
  • Crossroads mythology: In American blues music, there is a long tradition involving making deals with the devil at the crossroads to gain musical prowess.
  • Demon summoning: Grimoires or spellbooks give rituals for summoning demons to grant wishes in exchange for loyalty or souls.
  • Mephistopheles: In some versions of the Faustian story, Mephistopheles is the demon who brokers the pact for Faust’s soul.
  • The Devil’s payment: More broadly, the soul is portrayed as the currency the Devil demands for granting desires in many morality tales and folklore.

What Does “Selling Your Soul” Mean Today?

While literal devilish bargaining may be rare these days, the phrase is still commonly used in a metaphorical sense.

Giving up integrity for success

Trading ethics, values, or authenticity for fame, power, money is a common implication of “selling out.”

Sacrificing too much for your goals

Obsessively chasing achievement at the cost of relationships, health, or sanity is a kind of soul-selling.

Letting addictions consume you

Giving in to destructive temptations like drugs, cruelty, greed etc. could metaphorically jeopardize your soul. You may lose autonomy to dark impulses.

Selling personal data and privacy

With data mining and online tracking, users provide intimate info to companies in exchange for “free” services.  (Read Ace of Diamonds Meaning)

People make deals with the devil

Why do people sell their souls?

There are many reasons why people make deals with the devil. One reason is that they are constantly driven by a desire for power or an increasing craving for wealth and fame.

Some people choose to do it due to specific situations they cannot ignore or simply do it for creative freedom. When someone makes a pact with the devil, they receive something in exchange for their immortal soul, regardless of their decision.

What is the meaning of selling your soul?

When you sell your soul, it means making a pact with Satan. A devil’s pact differs from a typical agreement because it involves going beyond the limits of your physical and spiritual self. This particular deal means you’ll get something in return for giving up your soul. If you’re wondering how this process actually works, typically, people reach an agreement by signing a contract.

In Writing

To sell your soul, you would need to enter into a written contract with the devil. However, the devil is not required to physically manifest before you. You could make a deal with someone who represents the devil.

Blood Compact

The Blood Compact is an ancient ritual where it is customary to sign the contract using your own blood.

Completion of Different Tests

After you finish the contract, the devil’s representative will receive it. After that, you’ll face a series of challenges comprising three tasks. This is done to show your dedication to selling your soul.

What happens when your soul is sold?

The outcomes mainly rely on the terms of the contract. However, these experiences generally consist of fleeting happiness, ongoing uncertainty, and serious consequences.

Once the deal is finalized and your soul is sold, the following events will unfold:

You will receive what you desire.

One of the fascinating things about making a deal with the devil is that Satan never fails to deliver. The devil always keeps its promises without any excuses. If you’ve made a pact with the devil, whether it’s for money, fame, or anything else in exchange for your soul, you can rest assured that your wish will be taken care of. Your wish is granted by the devil, without any doubt. (Read Meeting Someone In A Dream)

Happiness is only temporary.

Some people find happiness in things like fame, fortune, and influence, which can be seen as greedy desires. Additionally, it can enhance their self-esteem or provide them with a sense of satisfaction. Although you may attain all of these things by selling your soul, it’s important to consider that this type of happiness is only temporary.

Devil owns your soul

You lose ownership of your soul.

Yes, indeed, the main consequence is that the devil now owns your soul. Even if you want to end the relationship or cancel the contract, it’s not possible. Once you’ve signed the contract with your own blood and completed the challenges set by the devil, it signifies that you have become the devil’s possession.

In order to enjoy the material things and emotions in the earthly world, one must accept the idea of becoming the devil’s property. Unfortunately, there is no way to terminate the contract. If your soul belongs to the devil.

Your sense of right and wrong is tested.

If you believe that the devil owns your soul, it’s likely that you’ll soon find yourself engaging in actions that may test your moral conscience. If you enter into a contract with the devil, there’s a possibility that you may be asked to cause harm to another person or even take someone’s life. The consequences can vary depending on the situation, but they are usually not what you want.

You start feeling worried.

The terrible things happening around you and the risks you face can impact your mental well-being. Once the initial rush of temporary happiness fades away, feelings of loneliness and regret begin. After some time, you will realize that it was actually a poor decision.

Selling your soul often leads to experiencing depression, which is a common consequence. When you lose interest in everything, it can significantly impact the people around you. One of the worst outcomes could be feeling so overwhelmed with regret and despair that it leads to thoughts of ending one’s life.

How long can you live in this situation?

When the devil is the owner of your soul, it means that your life is in the hands of Satan. You can live your life based on the duration specified in the contract. The duration could vary, ranging from a few years to a shorter period, depending on the terms of your agreement.

When dealing with the dark side, the devil tends to be quite unpredictable regarding the challenges presented throughout the duration of the contract. If you ca unable finish the task, you’ll have to face the consequences and pay with your soul. This means that you will die without any questions being asked.

What will happen to your soul upon death?

That’s a really intriguing question. What happens to your soul if you die? It is believed that the devil gains possession of a person’s soul after they pass away. After that, the devil takes the soul to hell to be judged.

The evaluation considers the agreements that were established in the contract. So, after the judgment, you would either remain in hell or be released and sent to heaven. If you choose the former option, it is unfortunate that it is believed you will suffer for eternity. (Read Dog Died In Dream Meaning)


There’s no way I’m selling my soul in 2023 or ever. Once you sell your soul to hell for judgment, there’s no way to return it. “What if I change my mind?” you may ask. Let’s be clear: you won’t feel that remorse after sealing the deal. Selling your soul isn’t exactly a partnership.

Here’s the truth – I’m sure you’ll soon realize sacrificing your soul to hell for all eternity in exchange for temporary cookies, fame, or a paycheck is nonsense.

Though demons may promise to redeem you, remember there’s no way to return from the torture, loneliness, and judgment you’ll dive into. Your soul yearns for forgiveness, love, and light – not dive into darkness and an eternity in hell.

This should remind you to set boundaries and browse elsewhere to find meaning. The perfect example of how selling your soul destroys productivity and leads to something bad, as you can’t get your soul back.

What Does It Mean When You Sell Your Soul? Unraveling the Spiritual Meanings

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