The Hierophant as Feelings in Love & Relationships: A Tarot Interpretation

The Hierophant tarot card in readings represents a religious or spiritual leader guiding people to find meaning in life. A figure of the Hierophant can represent the card. You’ll see them sitting on a throne between two pillars, holding a scepter and book. The Hierophant offers wisdom and knowledge and will teach the deeper meaning of the spiritual laws.

However, you may ask, what does the Hierophant mean when it comes to feelings in love and relationships, and how does the Hierophant present itself in feelings readings or when the Hierophant is reversed? In our guide, you can explore the meaning of the hierophant tarot card in upright and reversed positions. You’ll also learn how to understand someone’s feelings toward you or your feelings toward them.

By the end, you’ll see examples of how the Hierophant card can represent someone in your love life and how to view the card as positive or negative, depending on the context. So, when already in a relationship, want to get back together, or actively seek a new partner. You’ll see how the card represents the Hierophant for insights into the nature of the Hierophant and its connection between the two of you. (Read Knight of Swords as Feelings in Love & Relationships)

Hierophant Tarot Card Mean

What Does the Hierophant Tarot Card Mean?

The Hierophant is a tarot card showing tradition and authority while offering guidance, knowledge, conformity, and spirituality. The Hierophant will often be seen as a religious person, like a pope or a priest, standing between the human and the divine. The Hierophant can also be seen as a teacher or mentor, to help us understand the deeper meaning of our deeds and the meaning of life.

It can also mean someone is rebellious, different, or wishes to be alone. The Hierophant reversed indicates a lack of faith, belief, or moral issues.

The Hierophant as Feelings Tarot Card

If you are unsure about someone’s feelings towards you, the Hierophant tarot card might provide you with some further insights. The situation indicated by the Hierophant is that there is someone who views you as a person of high regard, someone they can trust and rely on.

The Hierophant suggests that someone feels or has a spiritual connection toward you. They may share the same beliefs, vision, and purpose as you do and believe you are their soulmate or twin flame. The Hierophant tarot card can mean someone feels at ease and safe around you. You bring stability, structure, and routine to their life, which they may appreciate.

The Hierophant Reversed as Feelings Tarot Card

If you draw the Hierophant reversed as feelings during feelings readings, the Hierophant in reverse can indicate someone has contrasting emotions compared to yours. The Hierophant card reversed can also suggest someone might experience feelings of restlessness, boredom, or dissatisfaction with the current relationship.

The situation represented by the Hierophant reversed can also mean someone is experiencing inner conflict or confusion regarding their emotions towards you. The Hierophant speaks about a sense of distance or detachment from you. They might have lost interest in you, your relationship, or the goals you both had. (Read Dream Of Cuddling With Someone)

Hierophant Upright Love Meaning

With love and relationships, since the Hierophant upright position is seen during a reading, the Hierophant shows the major arcana. Here, you and your love interest share the same values.

The Hierophant can indicate the relationship can be long-lasting and meaningful and contains the love that grows over time.

The upright Hierophant also means:

  • Shared morals and ethics
  • Seeking spiritual love or a “soulmate.”
  • Wanting to build a life together
  • Seeing faithfulness and loyalty from your partner
  • Feeling like this is a fated or “meant to be” relationship

Overall, the upright Hierophant symbolizes a serious partner invested in making it work. This upright hierophant card denotes they are ready for a meaningful partnership built on shared values.

Hierophant Reversed Love Meaning

When the Hierophant tarot card appears reversed in a love reading, the Hierophant stands for a significant shift in meaning. Where the upright Hierophant denotes commitment and shared values, the reversed Hierophant is represented by relationships that may lack substance.

The reversed hierophant-like feelings can suggest a partner:

  • Feels restless or trapped
  • Wants more freedom
  • Struggles with commitment
  • Doesn’t share beliefs
  • Has doubts about the relationship

The reverse can represent a non-committal energy in dating or when someone wants to keep things casual. In a tarot spread, this card suggests they are not ready to settle into a serious relationship.

The reversed Hierophant card can also indicate issues with shared values and commitment. Where the upright Hierophant card of the major arcana reflects devotion, the reverse suggests someone is feeling the opposite to you, and a relationship with this person may fail.

Hierophant Tarot Card Represents

The Hierophant Card Represents Spiritual Connection

Upright or reversed, the Hierophant tarot card seen in a free tarot deck reading often represents a desire for spiritual connection in relationships. This romantic card of the Hierophant indicates a love that feels meaningful. When the Hierophant appears in a love reading, the card is associated with someone who shares your faith, ethics, or desire. This major arcana card also reflects the longing for spiritual intimacy.

The Hierophant card may also indicate faith or a shared belief system plays a role in how you or your partner feels about the relationship. For some, the upright card is a positive card for connection on a spiritual level.

The Hierophant Can Symbolize Platonic Love

Another area to learn the meaning of the fifth card is less common. The card is a good sign and can represent platonic love or strong friendship connections. The definition could indicate deep bonds of care and support without being romantic when upright.

This card as feelings may suggest a meaningful friendship or interest in developing one. (Read Dreaming Of Another Woman While In A Relationship)

Is the Hierophant a Positive Love Card?

When drawn by the tarot reader, someone sees the Hierophant as a positive relationship card unless it is reversed. The card will lean toward shared values, meaningful connections, and interest in taking things to the “next level.”

It’s best to consider the surrounding cards and your situation when interpreting the Hierophant in a love reading. While typically positive, context is vital for understanding tarot card meanings regarding your ex’s feelings or the pending relationship.

The Hierophant Tarot Reading in a Breakup

When the Hierophant appears reversed in a breakup reading, it can suggest some reluctance to let go of the relationship entirely. Especially upright, this card indicates a desire to rebuild things and recapture what was lost. Even reversed, the Hierophant may reflect lingering care, attachment, and difficulty moving forward after a breakup. This major arcana card reminds you that all relationships leave an impact, and it takes time for the heart to move on.

If you’ve recently experienced a breakup and the Hierophant appears, honor the meaningful connection you shared, but gently look toward releasing the attachment.

Hierophant Card Love Reading

How to Get the Most from a Hierophant Love Reading

To gain the most insight from the Hierophant card in a love reading:

  • Look at the surrounding cards for context
  • Consider whether the card is upright or reversed
  • Reflection on your situation and relationship
  • Don’t take the Hierophant’s meaning too literally or rigidly
  • Be open to spiritual guidance if this card appears
  • Allow the reading to align hopes with reality
  • Have faith that meaningful love will come in good time

The Hierophant reminds us that our relationships need care, nurturing, and a spiritual connection. When this card appears in a love reading, consider how well you and your partner are tending to the garden of your love.

Conclusion: Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

The Hierophant tarot card represents spiritual connections, beliefs, and relationship commitment. When it is seen upright, it shows meaningful bonds built on common values and the desire for a long-term relationship. Though often seen as a positive omen, the reversed Hierophant suggests restlessness, opposing viewpoints, and reluctance to settle down. Whether for romance or friendship, this major arcana card reminds us that compatibility requires nurturing our inner worlds as much as our outer connections.

While a firm interpretation should be avoided, the Hierophant will stay as a significant indicator of devotion, loyalty, and overall intention. Ultimately, this card reflects the need for spiritual intimacy to sustain relationships through life’s seasons. By honoring each phase, we open our hearts to love’s enduring gifts and gain positivity from a tarot reading.

FAQs About the Hierophant In A Love Meaning

What does it mean when the Hierophant card is reversed in love?

The reversed Hierophant often represents problems with commitment, shared values, or losing a sense of meaning in a relationship. It also suggests someone feels trapped or the relationship lacks spiritual connection.

Is the Hierophant card a good sign for a relationship?

When upright, the Hierophant is a positive omen suggesting shared values, meaningful connection, and potential for commitment. But in the reversed position, the meaning could become more negative.

What does the Hierophant mean in a breakup or separation reading?

The Hierophant represents lingering attachments and challenges of letting go following a breakup. Upright or reversed, this card suggests time is needed for the heart to heal and move forward. (Read I Dream My Mom Died)

Is the Hierophant related to marriage, proposals, or engagements?

The upright Hierophant can often relate to committed relationships headed towards marriage. It will often reflect values and institutions, including marriage.

The Hierophant as Feelings in Love & Relationships A Tarot Interpretation

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