Dreaming of Poop: An Unexpected Sign of Winning the Lottery or Gaining Money

Dreaming of poop is often associated with money, wealth, and unexpected financial gains. Throughout history, ancient dream dictionaries and interpreters have suggested that excrement or poop in dreams can symbolize money coming your way soon. Dreaming of feces overflowing from a toilet or seeing large amounts of poop everywhere may suggest upcoming monetary abundance.

Details like the smell of poop, stepping in it, or seeing animals poop in your dream all signify prosperity and fortune.
Specific types of poop also have meaning; for example, dreaming of eating poop can reflect developing your financial potential. Poop floating in the toilet bowl is believed to suggest money in order. And a dream interpretation of overflowing poop can represent excess resources on the way. While a poop dream meaning may seem bizarre or nonsensical at first, it is important to pay attention to the context.

In our guide, you can learn the symbolic meaning and how details suggest dreaming of poop mean money could come your way.  By the end, you’ll see why the dream is associated with fecal matter in your dream. Or you dream about pooping being related to financial success, and good fortune is right around the corner!  (Read Dreaming Of Pooping In Public)

Poop and Feces In Your Dream Mean

What Does Dream About Poop and Feces In Your Dream Mean?

When you dream about you see the poop, feces, or defecation, it usually represents a release of negative emotions, unwanted ideas, or letting go of something that doesn’t serve you. Dreaming you are pooping often symbolizes you are cleansing yourself emotionally or psychologically.

Seeing poop in a dream may also relate to money, wealth, and financial gain. While it may seem counterintuitive, multiple ancient dream dictionaries and interpreters suggest that poop dreams sometimes foretell the dreamer coming into money soon.

So what does it mean when you dream about poop? Here are some common interpretations:

  • Poop is associated with cleansing or purging destructive emotions, habits, or relationships
  • Poop can also mean letting go of unnecessary mental baggage
  • Dreaming of poop may be the releasing creativity and new ideas 
  • A poop dream could mean financial gains or unexpected money coming your way

Common Poop Dream Scenarios and Their Meanings

Like any other dream, the specific meaning of dreaming of poop can differ, but give you clues. Here are some common poop dream scenarios and what the poop meaning of a dream could represent:

Dreaming of Pooping Out Coins or Money

If you poop in the dream and it is coins, dollar bills, or any other form of money. This dream of poop suggests you may receive unexpected money or financial abundance soon. Pooping money meaning in a dream is often viewed as a positive omen of wealth and prosperity coming your way.

Dreaming of Overflowing Toilets or Being Covered in Poop

If the poop is overflowing from a toilet in a dream, or you are covered in it, this shows you may feel overwhelmed or overloaded with responsibilities. These dreams about poop everywhere represent being “in too deep” with something. Look for areas where you may need better boundaries.

Dreaming of Stepping or Falling Into Poop

If you dream you have accidentally stepped or fallen into a pile of dog poop, the stepped in dung in a dream means you may have gotten yourself into an unpleasant or messy situation. Think about what situations in your waking life relate, to and if you need to reevaluate choices. (Read Dancing With Someone In A Dream)

Dreaming of Cleaning Up Poop

Dreaming of cleaning poop, like poop on the floor or you clean the poop in a baby’s diaper, the dream indicates you are ready for a fresh start. The excrement in a dream is a sign you may be cleaning up old messes or ties to negative emotions or relationships.

Poop dream meaning

The Symbolic Significance of Poop in Dreams

In many ancient dream interpretation guides and dictionaries, seeing poop or feces in a dream is associated with money, wealth, and fortune.

For example, according to Ibn Sirin, a 9th-century Islamic dream interpreter, seeing feces dream meanings are supposed to mean money and financial gains. In the interpretation of dreams from a biblical perspective, excrement, or poop in a dream is considered a positive omen, often interpreted as receiving money and other benefits soon.

Modern dream analysts theorize that dreaming about poop relates to money because poop represents undigested remains of food and nutrients. Since food often symbolizes wealth and abundance in dreams, poop can signify wealth that has not yet been used, pointing to financial potential.

Here are some further interpretations of how poop may relate to money in dreams:

  • Poop represents money you’ve earned but have not used to your advantage. Your subconscious is prompting you to apply your existing resources in more fruitful ways.
  • Poop symbolizes money you will soon acquire. Dreams prepare the dreamer for real-life happenings, so poop can signify upcoming income sources.
  • Pooping freely suggests free-flowing abundance. If you pooped quickly in the dream, it reflects abundance and prosperity in your waking life. Struggling to poop may mean you feel blocked from accessing money.
  • Overflowing poop symbolizes excess resources. Your money-making potential is overflowing. Alternatively, it could mean feeling overwhelmed by monetary responsibilities.

Dreaming of Poop Meaning And Scenarios:

There are many real-life examples of people who reportedly dreamed of poop right before experiencing financial windfalls or unexpected money. Even dreaming of something as small as bird poop in your dream denotes good fortune or luck.

  • A woman dreamed she saw her child playing in a pool of feces the night before she won $500 on a lottery ticket.
  • A man repeatedly dreamed of poop overflowing from his toilet shortly before he received an inheritance from a long-lost relative.
  • A businessman had nightmares of being covered in poop the week before he successfully negotiated a highly lucrative merger.

While merely anecdotal, these real-life stories lend interesting support to the belief that the interpretation of the dream may augur financial gains.

However, not all poop dreams and money are related. The meaning of seeing excrement in a dream depends on specific details of the dream and your life situation. But many interpretations of poop dreams could signal lucrative opportunities ahead. (Read Big Eyed Person)

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming Of Pooping in a Dream

Besides signifying wealth, dreams about poop can carry spiritual meaning as well. In spiritual symbolism, the poop you see in your dream often represents:

  • Purging and cleansing yourself of destructive thoughts or emotions. Poop dreams represent cleaning waste from the body, so dreaming of poop reflects cleansing your inner world.
  • Letting go of the past or eliminating parts of your life that no longer serve you. This poop dream denotes making room for new nourishment, symbolizing letting go of outdated aspects of your life.
  • Making space for new growth and rebirth. If you poop in the toilet, this means you will soon be emotionally and spiritually free for new blessings and growth.
  • Releasing creativity and psychic/magical energy. Feces in a dream is a sign of raw energy and vibrations of the dreamer. You can take the dream as a sign of releasing energy into your outer world.

So besides the financial and prosperity meanings, interpretations of poop dreams suggest spiritual detox and preparation for new beginnings. Purging waste allows you to start fresh, both literally and symbolically.

Tips for Interpreting Your Dream of Poop Symbolize

Dreaming of poop can have multiple meanings. Here are some tips for gaining insight into your specific poop dream:

  • Consider how you feel during and after the dream. Do you feel relief, disgust, shock, fear, etc? Your feelings can illuminate the meaning.
  • Note the details. The size, shape, texture, color, and consistency of the poop can offer clues. Runny poop may relate to letting go of strong emotions for example.
  • Pay attention to where poop appears. Inside toilets, overflowing, on the street, etc. The location can symbolize where issues are showing up in your life.
  • Look for lingering emotions or difficulties in recent waking life. Dreams often process our internal and external issues. Themes in the dream may connect to situations or feelings you’ve been experiencing when awake.

In the end, you are the expert in interpreting your own dreams. So pay attention and see if your poop dreams truly precede any big monetary gains or spiritual shifts. And may your bowel movements pave the way for abundance!

Dream about feces biblical meaning

Biblical Meaning of Seeing Feces in A Dream

In a poop dream, in biblical terms. Seeing excrement, or feces seen in a dream is believed to be a fortunate omen indicating a large amount of money and other benefits coming your way soon. Throughout the Bible, poop can symbolize financial blessings and abundance.

For example, 2 Kings 18:27, refers to eating poop in a dream or eating one’s own waste or resources. Therefore, dreaming about poop according to its biblical meaning suggests you will soon come into valuable resources and prosperity.

Dreams of poop can have different meanings depending on context. Standing in poop might be a sign of feeling stuck in difficult situations, but can still indicate money to help resolve problems. Overflowing with poop can be a sign from God that excessive abundance and good luck are on the way. While seeing poop in dreams may seem odd, it is often meant as a sign of divine blessings.

If you are dreaming about feces, excrement, or having poop on your shoes in a dream. It is fortuitous according to scripture, foretelling sudden wealth, full pockets, and abundant finances according to God’s gracious plan for your life. So next time you spot poop in your dream, say a prayer of thanks for the prosperity and riches soon to come!

Conclusion: Does Poop Mean Money When You Poop In A Dream?

In the end, seeing feces in your dream can have different meanings and interpretations, depending on the details and context of the dream. But many dream experts believe that dreaming of poop is often associated with coming into money or financial success.

Throughout history, poop dreams have been seen as a sign of good luck, abundance, and prosperity coming your way soon. So if you have a dream about poop overflowing, seeing excrement, or stepping in poop. These signs might be your subconscious letting you know that unexpected money or large amounts of wealth are heading your way. 

Pay attention to the details of your poop dream, as the poop is a sign you will soon cash in on the good fortune that dreaming of poop can represent. (Read Mom Died In Dream)

FAQs Dream Interpretation Of Poop In Your Dream

Are dreams about poop positive or negative?

Poop dreams can represent both positive and negative meanings. Negatively, they can symbolize feeling overwhelmed, carrying wasteful baggage, or getting into unpleasant situations. But poop dreams can also signify releasing creativity, cleansing yourself emotionally or spiritually, or coming into unexpected money.

Why do I keep having reoccurring dreams about poop?

Frequently dreaming about poop usually means your subconscious is trying to get your attention regarding something in your waking life. It may relate to ways you need cleansing or renewal or signal financial potential you have not yet tapped into. Pay close attention to reoccurring poop dream themes and details.

Can dogs or other animals pooping in a dream also symbolize money?

According to some dream interpreters, any type of excrement in dreams can signify financial prosperity, regardless of whether it comes from a human or an animal. The poop itself reflects ideas of waste and excess resources. So dogs pooping in your dreams may hint at money coming your way.

If I dream of poop does that mean I have a dirty mind?

Not necessarily! Dreaming of taboo topics like poop does not mean you have an overly dirty mind. We dream about poop for the same reasons we might dream of nudity or sex. These dreams can symbolize vulnerabilities, intimacy, primal urges, etc. Don’t feel ashamed of your poop dreams.

I fear my poop dream – does that mean it won’t come true?

Fear or disgust at seeing poop in a dream does not necessarily negate any meaning about money coming true. Sometimes we react emotionally to dream symbols, even when they signify positive changes or events. Your waking feelings may reflect societal taboos about poop and elimination. Don’t let fear discount the potential for your poop dream to bring financial gains.

Dreaming of Poop An Unexpected Sign of Winning the Lottery or Gaining Money

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