Symbolism Of Finding Nails

Many simple objects have magical and mystical virtue in the witch’s craft, one example being the humble nail.

Although some attribute phallic virtue to nails based on morphology, they also have fixed solid power, or the ability to tie one item to another, for good or ill.

Nails share many of the qualities attributed to their material, usually iron nails, that celestial heavenly metal linked or associated with blood and the red color in the occult imagination.

finding nails

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of a Nail?

In Christian tradition, the rusty nail, iron nail, and holy nail are typically associated with Christ’s crucifixion, representing his passion. The nail also defines the Cosmic Axis around which the heavens revolve. (Read Dreams About Being Extremely Tired)

What Is the Significance of a Nail?

The thing or power attached to a person, object, or place by the nail can be anything; even celestial powers corresponding to the nail can serve as a medium, this is the most familiar witch tradition. The foundation for hammering different amulets to the lintel above a wood, such as apotropaic photographs of the sun, the ubiquitous horseshoe, or open hand, is understood here.

Nails, contrary to popular belief, have the same protection as the horseshoes to which they are attached. Pliny the Elder recommended hammering more nails, not horseshoes, into the wood’s lintel to guard the house. In his book Mastering Witchcraft, Paul Huson recommended putting three iron nails into the door, one being put above and two positioned below in a triangle form.

Similarly, protective enclosures are made by hammering nails into their four corners, and nails stop spirits who wander inside their iron coffin nails. At the same time, Romans averted plague and misfortune by hammering three iron coffin nails into their house walls.

As a result, it is undeniable that the nails found in the horseshoe affect its power; the more wooden nails, the better the luck; however, some adhere to the tradition of securing the shoe with three nails and three blows, suggesting the kinship betwixt nails and the number three.

Horseshoe nails have long been thought to have various powers, such as the crooked horseshoe nails hung around the necks of Irish children as amulets, and the horseshoe nails are believed to be driven by Teutonic peoples retrieve the goods that were stolen to them. (Read Spiritual Meaning Of Hearing A Doorbell)

“A horseshoe nail dipped in a water spring is viewed as a cure to use against to what they called ‘small people’ when they became bothersome,” according to traditional witch Robert Cochrane, who also relies on the well-known enmity between the iron and Fair Folk.

Horseshoe nails are often transformed into rings, and the bride wore them in medieval times of France to attract good luck. They were thought to be as protective against evil and bad luck as the horseshoe itself in other places, and Cochrane hinted that rings made by bent nails were known and used by the witches.

What Does It Mean to Find Nail Clippings?

Nail clippings have mysterious powers that allow their owners to anticipate the time, place, and way how a cow would excrete several days before the bowels meet its demise. It’s a little like gazing into the future. (Read What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Place You’ve Never Been To More Than Once)

This is especially important when planning for the World Domination (Spiritually) since the heat emitted by the excreta influences the Butterfly Effect of weather, modifying people’s moods, decisions, and ultimately the consequences of the world’s everyday life operations.

By trimming one’s nails correctly, one can gradually learn the art of anticipating ‘cattle relief’ and ascend to the position of Universe ruler. But always remember that this is a complicated process requiring a near-impossible level of commitment to God.

It is conceivable. But take little measures at first. At a time, one nail snip at a time.

What Does Breaking Nails Mean Spiritually?

Each finger in Palmistry corresponds to an Astrological planet; therefore, if you break a nail, it’s a sign that you’re exaggerating it in some aspect of your life. This also applies to cuts on the fingers. It’s a sign that we should stop our actions and pay attention; something needs to change.

When you break or cut the nail on your index finger, you receive a message regarding school, teaching, writing, spirituality, or travel. Try to recall if any of these thoughts came to mind when you broke your nail.

Work, profession, time, and respect are all represented by your middle finger. When you’re overbooked, this is the finger that you always experienced being chopped. You would suffer a painful papercut directly across that finger as you rushed through the paperwork. You will find it intriguing that the planet that governs respect is linked to a finger that can be used to show disdain.

Venus is located on your ring finger. We won’t tell you how frequently we lose those nails, but it’s a sign for you to return to the dating scene. If the ring finger part is repeatedly shattered, your relationship may be in jeopardy. Either you need a romantic relationship, or you need to talk about something with your partner.

Mercury represents thoughts and communication and is characterized by your pinky finger. The lengthening of this nail adds emphasis to what you’re saying. But be careful when it breaks since you can end up placing your foot inside your mouth.

Mars is the thumb. Mars is the planet that governs our willpower and ability to act. When your thumb is injured, everything becomes tough. This is a warning that you need to take a break and get the assistance of someone else.


Other Interpretations of Nails in A Dream

In a dream, a man cutting his nails symbolizes he can only rely on himself. In the near future, his family and friends will be unable to assist him, and he will be forced to tackle all of his difficulties on his own.

If you had a dream about other person cutting nails, it implies you have to realize that you have no control over the current situation. You must accept your powerlessness to alter present events and derive some benefit or lesson from them.

In a dream, cutting your nails is a sign that you are attempting to organize your thoughts and emotions.

Cutting one’s nails is an indication of compulsion. This could entail relocating to a new city or even a new nation, as well as unwelcome job changes. Cutting someone else’s toenails represents putting forth a lot of effort for a small reward.

If you dream about someone else cutting your toenails, it suggests you will discover someone who agrees to do the most mundane and usual work. (Read Ribbon In The Sky Meaning)

In a dream, cutting a child’s nails indicates that you will soon be engrossed in home responsibilities. Such a dream could also suggest that the dreamer’s extreme accuracy interferes with the child’s normal development, potentially causing him tremendous harm in the future.

Symbols of nails can be spiritual or more superstitious. But one thing is for sure; nails give us a message that we will surely remember forever. A message that will help you fix your past, present, or future, the people around you, and even your family and friends.

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