Seeing Alive Person Dead In Dream Meaning

For loved ones, family members, and friends, death is a sad occurrence that causes anguish and misery. Even though it’s a delicate subject, most people don’t bring it up in casual conversation.

However, death dreams can unsettle and terrify, especially when they include people who are close to you. Death dreams are pretty common, especially those that involve the death of living relatives or the reappearance of a recently deceased loved one.

In our guide, you can learn more about the spiritual meaning of dreaming someone died, and in particular, dreaming of someone dying who is still alive. By the end, you’ll see many explanations for such dreams. You’ll understand how to decipher your dream according to who alive and who dead. (Read Dream About Dancing With Someone)

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What Does Seeing a Dead Person Alive in Dream Means?

Experts contend that our dreams have greater significance. They sometimes make a point and reflect our actual experiences. It makes it obvious, then, that there could be a seemingly unlimited number of reasons for dreams concerning dead people.

Grief in Real Life

Grief frequently sets off these kinds of dreams. Everyone finds it tough to losing family or friends. You could be concerned about losing the memory of these special folks. This can cause you to dream about them frequently and discover that your mind wanders to old recollections.

Dream Guidance

Dreams of death may act as a wake-up call to take care of pressing matters you have been putting off. Maybe you’ve been putting off taking care of your health, avoiding specific conflicts, or acting in ways in your relationship that could put you in danger.

Dealing with some difficulties might be stressful, but it’s vital to do so. Because they get worse the longer you wait. If you dream about a departed loved one, especially one who used to support and direct you in problem-solving, it’s a sign that you need to take control of your a life tough situation and stop putting things off.


Dreams about dying could signify that something significant in your life is ending. These dreams signal your subconscious telling you to let go of the past and move on.

It suggests that you should embrace the upcoming changes in your life, particularly those that may affect your personality. It might also indicate that you give up old habits and bad routines and attempt to live a proactive, fruitful life.



Dreaming that a deceased person is still alive can represent apprehension. Perhaps you’re concerned about the welfare of a living person and don’t want him to suffer the same fate as the decedent. Maybe the person is engaged in a risky activity or is in a precarious situation.

Your fear of dying can also be represented in the dream. It could signify that you always worry about yourself and frequently succumb to dark thoughts. It’s time to think more positively if that’s the case. Although there are many difficulties in life, you shouldn’t always assume the worst. (Read Dream About Pooping Your Pants)


A season of transformation may enter your life if you have dreams about dying or talking to a deceased person. Your employment, family, or relationships may be affected by this transformation, and a new path opens.

Internal changes could also take place. This is a positive omen and means you’re ready to reconcile with your past relationship and forgive yourself. It means that you’ll learn from your errors and focus on a new phase of your life in the near future.


Dreaming of your deceased loved ones is a sign of deep-seated regret, particularly for the person in question.  This can represent different meanings, and what your dream points toward will depend on the context.

A dull, depressing dream suggests someone’s death signals a subconscious desire to forget something from the past. These spiritual meanings could be your shortcomings or embarrassing moments that keep you from progressing. Some of them are too huge to overlook, despite your desire to bury them.

Your internal struggle is represented by this dream, which is a sign. Come to terms with what you’re afraid of and start the acceptance process.

Death-Related Dreams of Dead People Alive

The significance of your close relationship with the deceased loved one in your personal life is shown by this dream. The impact of the absence in your life of this particular person is diminished by it.

Such a dream where you dream the dead person is trying to communicate; signifies that you need a new mentor and someone to give you advice. It’s a good sign for your waking life if you dream about your deceased parents.

The ideal of comfort, guidance, and nurturing is a mother. Seeing your deceased mother in your dreams could be a sign that you miss her or that you want to emulate some of her qualities in real life. A parent establishing authority, safety, protection, and independence. Such dreams signify your subconscious mind wants to possess such qualities in real life.

Or these dead person messages from the dream world show you struggle with delegation or responsibility for making decisions. (Read Dreaming Of Kissing Someone Else While In A Relationship)

Death Dreams Of Dead Person Alive and Talking

This dream of a dead person alive is frequent on the eve of an important event. Such dreams mean the person who passed away is attempting to reassure you everything will be fine. By chance, you might learn advice to ensure everything goes smoothly.

In your dream, speaking to your parents represents success and fulfillment in your day-to-day existence. Grand family events may be predicted in conversations with your grandparents, and conversations with a deceased brother suggest happiness.

Talking to your deceased sister could be a slightly bad omen and signify uncertainty in your life. A dead friend is a sign of bad news, while a dead husband shows difficulty.

If the person dead in your dream is a good friend, family member, or a dead loved one, it was once thought to be a sign that a prayer had been heard. For instance, a dead friend or relative might visit a woman who was trying to persuade them of this dream meaning.

Dream Of Dead Person Alive and Not Talking

Your grit and capacity to persevere through trying times may be symbolized by dreams about a dead person not talking to you. It shows that you can face your difficulties head-on and have your own decisions to guide you toward better well-being.

It might also be a symbol of your materialistic outlook, though. It means that you are easily swayed by the opinions and relationship you have with others in your waking life.

Or perhaps you’re following a group that’s having a bad impact on many elements of your life. It shows you have little of an identity. It serves as a warning to fortify your resolve and defend your rights. You should seek wise advice and create your own sincere, unbiased opinions.

Dream Of Dead Spouse

Losing your partner is challenging. Your life is left with a gaping emptiness, and you may encounter many difficulties on your own that you would not have expected. When you keep having dreams about your deceased husband, it shows that you miss and miss having him around. The inverse is also accurate.

The dream shows you haven’t come to terms with their passing. You’re holding out a sliver of hope that it’s not accurate. You are encouraged to grieve by this dream in your waking life. You should treasure the memories you shared and work to achieve inner tranquility. It signals that you can once again let your heart be vulnerable.

Dream Of Friend Being The Dead Person Alive

Dreaming that a deceased friend is alive shows that the subconscious mind is still clinging to the memory and isn’t ready to let go. Since it symbolizes the resurrection and restoration of lost goods, it is a pleasant dream. According to this prophecy, whatever you have lost will ultimately find its way back to you.

This dream can arise when you’re under pressure to make a tough decision or at a stressful time. This suggests when making such a decision, you’ll require support.

It occasionally shows that you miss a quality your deceased friend possessed. You could miss the difference their presence used to make because they were logical, practical, or entertaining.


Biblical Interpretation of Dreaming of A Dead Person Being Alive

Sometimes when we wake up from a death-related dream, our feelings are awful. Contrary to popular perception, these dreams are not a sign that you will experience bad luck in the future. An indication of internal change, instead.

Communion with the dead is taboo in the Bible. God detests speaking with the dead, despite the scriptures claiming that humans can heal the sick and raise the dead. The Bible also does not support dreams of talking to the dead or mastering the art of contacting the dead.

Furthermore, the majority of Christians think that any form of communication with the dead, including mediumship and dreams, is a manifestation of demonic forces. Some demons have even impersonated dead relatives in dreams to advise the living. People who buy into this charade become demonic tools.

Who Is The Dead Person Alive In Such Dreams?

When deciphering the significance of your dream, the specifics of the dead person you saw in your dream are of the utmost importance.

It could signify letting go of an old mindset, mannerism, or perspective if the person you saw dead in your dreams was an old man or woman. Perhaps the most significant barrier on your way to your objectives or desires is this characteristic of yours.

The dream can also signify that you’re bound by a particular incident from your past.

Because of the terrible events from your past, you are not ready to move on to the next phase. It’s high time to let go of the past; thus, if you dream about an old person passing away in this location, you should do so. (Read Dream Of Being Shot)

Final Thoughts

A visitation in a death dream visitation is always regarded as a good sign. If a loved one, sibling, parents, or friend who has passed away appears to you in a dream, it means they are happy and healthy on the other side of the veil.

As a result, you shouldn’t let sorrow or regret stop you. The time has come to move on and make the most of your life.

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