My Daughter And I Had The Same Dream

Never assume you’re weird because you had the same dream as someone else.  Approximately one in every 1,000 people reports having the same dream as another person.  The same dreams may have different meanings than someone else’s as there are numerous varieties of dreams, and dream interpretation is highly subjective.

The phenomenon is known as “shared dreaming” is an incredible experience, especially if you’ve never had mutual dreaming before.  A good example is one person started telling the story of their sleep dream while the other enthusiastically interrupted.  Couples, siblings, close friends, parents, and children are the most likely to have identical dreams.

Identical events frequently happen in the exact same dream, same mind, same night. In our guide, you can learn what does it mean when you have the same dream?  By the end, you’ll know more about how best friends, family members, or even complete strangers have more than similar dreams; they share dreams like they were originating from the same source. (Read What Does It Mean When You Hear A Doorbell Ring In Your Sleep)

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What Is Mutual Dreaming?

A sort of shared dreaming is mutual dreaming. Group activities are involved in mutual dreaming. In a dream state, more than two people face a problem that is surmounted.

The next morning, each recalls the challenges they faced and their joint efforts to overcome them. Simply going to sleep while fixing your problems is a terrific way to enter the unconscious.

Empathetic feelings must be a critical factor in a shared dream.

A strong physical and spiritual connection is required for such an incident, though total strangers with no personal history may experience the same bizarre occurrence. You can encounter shared dreaming several times, although it tends to always be with someone you have an empathetic relationship.

It could be your boyfriend, your ex-husband, or son and daughter who had the exact dream about something such as the same house and something that happened in one room, or a police officer at the front door.

It doesn’t need to be something that happened when watching TV a few nights ago, as that could be a coincidence.

It is the dreams of things that happened years ago for the family or involves the children that make you think.

If the dreams are with a partner, then an emotional component of a recurring dream can be obvious.

You and your husband may be thinking of losing your children in real life, and through a divorce, you may feel helpless to save them.

You’ll discover that in all sleep dreams, water symbolizes emotion.

The meaning of dreams involving water is powerful, and to have such a vivid dream as another about the same thing on the same night can be amazing. When you speak of a shared dream, you can feel a spiritual connection and an emotional connection goes much deeper.

Because of this, shared dreams are now being studied by experts because dreams mean different things to a person’s life, so it can be good to know if what you experienced when you fell asleep means the same to another person who shared the same dream; in the real world? (Read Dreaming You’re Driving From The Back Seat)

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Can You Really Share The Same Dream?

Here is a story of a mother and daughter who experienced such an event.

It is kind of weird, yet not to the point; it is strange. We already know it can be a common occurrence for the same thing to be dreamt of and is only found when people start talking about it.

Last night, I experienced a very vivid and lucid dream. It was quite a scary dream, and to cut a long story short, the river had flooded, and it was the end of the world sort of scenario.

The house was flooded in every room, and things went from bad to worse.

I woke up and quickly wrote down what happened in my dream journal.

I always try to write it down and feel better for doing so.

It was in the morning my young daughter came into the room and said she’d had an awful dream last night. However, she didn’t cry when she woke as she didn’t wish to wake anybody.

It was freaky as once she began to say what happened, I reached for my dream journal, and it was then I realized our lucid dreaming was of the exact same thing. We had the same dream on the same night and in the same house.

It was fun talking about it because my dream was from my point of view, and her dream was hers. However, the dreams were close all the way to crossing the flooded bridge and seeing people in the water.

I was driving while my daughter was in her seat in the dream.

It may feel weird, and you may have heard of twins having similar dreams, but for a mother and daughter?

It can leave you wondering, what does it mean should two people share the same dream on the same night, especially if they appear to be negative dreams?

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Are The Same Dreams Just Related Questions?

The most challenging dream of this and any related questions is determining how similar the dreams are.

How did you make the connection and know it was the same dream?

Let’s imagine we traveled to the mountains and saw a giant bear at the same time, followed by a family of squirrels.

Now that we’re both asleep, I dream about mountains, bears, and squirrels. I spoke with each of them, and in my dream, I saw you.

You retire to your sleep and experience a dream of mountains, squirrels, and a bear. In your dream, you also spoke to them and saw me. (Read Dreams About Being Extremely Tired)

Is that the identical dream or piece of information shared on the same day?

Depending on the dream, you may have both shared an experience or even reinforced memories in conversation. Enough that you have similar ideas.

But, if the dream was “exactly” the same, how would you go about proving it?

Although the notion that dreams can be shared is ancient, it appears to be a random concept, and dreams of this nature have never been reproduced in a controlled environment.

Returning to the original question, it’s more about how people in each other’s company may tend to think in similar ways based on everyday tasks.

A person describing a religion may have followers who share his viewpoints and regard the religion’s ideas similarly.

Being related increases the likelihood that the child will inherit the parent’s biases; in fact, you will frequently notice the child displaying features of the parent without even recognizing it.

People who have dreams frequently compare them to one another. Still, when a third party records the two instances separately, differences can emerge that neither side predicted when the two are comparing them.

When the two dreamers compare notes, it only takes a few critical locations for one of them to agree that they saw the same thing in their dream. You’ll need to ask a few questions to figure out the difference.

Mutual Dreaming Experience #2

When I was younger, I would always sleep in my mother’s bed after my father had gone to work.

Being with my mother was always reassuring since she provided me with serenity. Sharing with your child frequently, wherever possible, could be beneficial.

Dreams are self-reflections that require attention and respect. As long as there is free dialogue, everything will finally come to light.

Unfortunately, my mother pushed me and everyone else away for a long time because of her worries. Dreams are an excellent way to share oneself with others, and no child should be separated from their parents. (Read Why Can’t I Punch Hard In My Dreams)

It’s incredibly precious to me when people connect like way, and it’s even more so with family.

On the other hand, I pick up other people’s energy in very obvious ways through dreams, or else I might pass it off. So dreams can be really fascinating.

You can learn a lot if you have such shared dreams with another person.

There’s not much more I could say about these dreams that haven’t already been expressed. You do not need to be concerned about this. In my life, I’ve had a lot of unpleasant dreams that I was afraid might come true, but they never happened. So I don’t consider these dreams to be significant.

I strongly advise you to learn about lucid dreaming if you have any spare time. This will allow you to tap your subconscious mind and manipulate/control your dreams as desired.

Can A Dream Have Two Meanings At The Same Time?

Something sparks your mind and imagination while sleeping and knits together a story, often an odd or unique daydream. Unfortunately, dreams are meaningless and provide no reliable answers.

Dreams are the product of your imagination. Anything from your life, popular culture, television or the movies, or almost anything you’ve seen, read, or heard can trigger them.

Most dreams are about mundane tasks. Something you’ve seen or heard that your imagination fills in while you’re sleeping.

Dreams, whether excellent or horrible, are meaningless. They result from your imagination. Angels, devils, demons, or spirits, good or bad, do not send them. They’re just a result of your brain processing information, not something your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

You may believe that dreams have meaning, especially when shared with your mom or dad, and include complete strangers you both met in your dreams. While dreaming of the future wouldn’t, of course, offer any answers, but something including a daughter and a son of events they never experienced, could need help you find answers.

When you are awake, you are continually bombarded with information delivered directly to your brain.

It is sifted, stored away as memories, or dismissed at specific periods when you are sleeping, going your imagination to run wild. The brain tries to tell a story, but the results are frequently odd.

This occurs primarily during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep, which is similar to dreaming.

Suppose you are interrupted in the middle of a dream or immediately after having dreamed. In that case, you are far more likely to remember your dreams if they are violent, tragic, or emotional.

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