Dreaming Of Blood Clots

Seeing blood in our dreams is already scary. Whether it involves an accident, death, or just blood flowing on the floor, it is already frightening enough for us, and worries if these dreams and images are telling us something in our waking life.

One of the weirdest things that may appear in our dreams involves blood clots. This condition which exists from proteins, platelets, and cells in the blood sticking together, might occur in our bodies or through vomits. 

No matter how it’s formed, you might wonder why you suddenly dreamt of it. Here we will list all the possible meanings of a blood clot in dreams to know what it’s possibly telling you about your life. (Read Dream About Family Gathering)

blood closed fist

Blood Clot Dream Meaning

Generally, a blood clot in a dream suggests something hinders your happiness. You are not letting yourself relax, feel good, and enjoy life. Possible reasons you think this way are you’re going through a rough patch, you feel incapable of solving the problems you currently face, or you feel insecure about your future. The blood clot may also represent your struggle to shed light.

Besides its general meaning, dreaming about blood clotting also has spiritual meaning. Here are some of its possible interpretations:


When you dream of a blood clot in your body, it usually signals spiritual strength. It means you can go through anything without giving up and have so much incredible potential to overcome any obstacle that will come your way.

Physical healing

If you dreamt of a blood clot in your body when someone around you is sick, it means they will heal from their illness. Just like how a blood clot speeds up the healing process of a wound, it also does the same with the blood clot that appears in our dream.

Emotional healing

It usually hurts when a wound bleeds again when you remove a blood clot that has formed over it. In the spiritual world, it means that you refuse to let go of the painful memories you had in the past. So, when you dreamt of a blood clot, it tells you how to start letting go and start with your emotional healing.


Yes, a blood clot in your dream may be a mark of protection that evil spirits cannot touch or remove. So having a blood clot dream states that no evil entities can harm you in your waking life.

Entrepreneurial skills

If the blood clot in your dream appeared on your right arm, it might be a sign that you’re finally getting direction. If you need help with what to do in your life, it is a sign that you have strong entrepreneurial skills and should take advantage of them.


If you dreamed of being diagnosed with a blood clot in your arteries, you might think it’s a bad omen. But this is a good thing in the spiritual world because it means that your intuition is active. And when your intuition is involved, you should trust your inner self when deciding. Trusting your intuition will save you from any confusion.


A blood clot in a dream could also mean growth. When a blood clot is over a wound, it’s impossible to tell whether it’s healing; you can only tell once the chunk falls off. It usually takes time for it to fall off, requiring patience. This waiting period may be teaching you to take your time when going through the growth process.

Passing Blood Clots Dream Meaning

blood platelets

Seeing blood clots in your body is just one of the many situations you can see in your dream. But if you dreamt of passing blood clots, it also has a different meaning, such as a sign of physical illness, emotional distress, or a potential danger.

Passing blood clots may be a warning that you have a severe physical illness that you need to address. If you’re experiencing unusual symptoms or seeing changes in your body, don’t just brush it off; consult your doctor to check and prevent severe medical conditions.

At times, passing blood clots may also symbolize emotional healing. There may be a trauma from your past that you’ve long been carrying, and you’re finally healing. It may also signify spiritual cleansing; you’ll deal with your emotional energy.

Passing blood clots can also be a sign of impending danger. You never know when a dangerous situation could happen, so it’s best always to be alert to your surroundings. (Read What Does Getting Shot In Your Dream Mean)

Vomiting Blood Clots Dream Meaning

You may initially feel scared when you dream about vomiting blood clots. But to tell you, it is usually a positive omen for joyful pleasures, peace, and prosperity. Whatever task you currently face, you will accomplish it with tremendous success.

Here’s what each of the symbols means in your dream:

Vomit – the vomit in your dream hints at your will to regain control in achieving your goals. You may currently feel pressure, anxiety, or stress, which you will soon overcome.

Blood – blood is usually a metaphor for your anxieties. It usually represents how other people don’t value your opinion. You may also feel insecure about the progress you make in your life, which you think is too slow compared to others.

Clot – the clot in your dream may signify your emotional tension. You are trying to start anew and leave your past behind. You are currently at your phase where you explore, reflect, and introspect yourself more.

Other Common Blood Dreams and Their Meaning

While the blood clot in our dream stands for the things that hinder our happiness, blood in our dream denotes life itself. It is the life force energy that functions within the body. It connects us with all the positive things, such as life, love, and spirit, as well as negative feelings, such as anger, loss, and defeat.

There are also several situations involving blood that we encounter in our dreams. Here are some of the most common and what they possibly mean:


Bleeding in your dream hints that your energy is depleting. What and who is behind this depletion may depend on what and who is involved in your dream. It may be time to reflect on your life to know the cause of why you’re feeling weak and drained.

Bleeding eyes

Bleeding eyes in a dream means you worry about not feeling appreciated enough at work. You may think you lack appreciation from your boss, colleagues, and even your friends and family. Bleeding eyes may also mirror your internal suffering and how much you are hurt by what you see in your waking life.

Bleeding nose

In real life, nosebleeds are often unpredictable and sometimes embarrassing. When this happens in your dream, it may mirror your situation in your waking life and how things can happen unpredictably. Our nose is also connected with the breath of life, and it senses things we don’t see, which could symbolize our intuition.

Bloody teeth

Teeth in a dream suggest a connection between loss and communication. When combined with blood, it may symbolize harmful speech and anger that is currently happening in your life. Bloody teeth in your dream may remind you to be conscious of how you speak to others and be wary of your choice of words when talking to them. (Read Waking Up And Seeing Someone Standing Over You)

Blood on hands

blood on hands

When blood is on your hands in your dream, it may represent the wrongdoing you did in your waking life. You may have subconsciously hurt other people’s feelings without you knowing. The blood in your hands may be a reminder to examine your behavior and reassess how you can change it to prevent doing it again.

Coughing up blood

Coughing up blood in your dream may signify how you’ve been escaping your problems in your waking life for a while. It may remind you to face your problems head-on instead of running away. 

Spitting blood

Spitting blood in a dream is often a bad omen. It signifies serious illnesses, financial difficulties, and family problems. If, in your dream, you feel the need to spit blood because your mouth is already full of it, it may be a warning sign of possible malfunction in your body. But if it happened to another person, that person may be the one who will experience this malfunction.

Urinating blood

Urinating blood in a dream states your unconscious fears. You may feel trapped, whether in your career or relationship. You have been suppressing your feelings for a long and trying to act happy. The blood in the urine may represent the things you are out of control and how you feel a lack of privacy in your life lately.

Other person bleeding

Seeing another person bleeding in a dream draws attention to the help they need. If you know this person in your waking life, they might be dealing with some problems and need your emotional support. Try reaching out to them in real life and offer support for whatever they’re going through.

Blood on the floor

Seeing blood on the floor in your dream may have a positive and negative meaning. The blood could symbolize that you will experience good luck and get a favor. It may come in the form of financial blessings or career breakthroughs.

However, the blood on the floor could also mean betrayal. It may be a warning sign that someone you know is deceiving. Be careful about what you tell others, no matter how close you are to them.

Blood in water

Water in a dream usually connects the dreamer to his emotional state. You may have been out of touch with your emotions for a while now, and your dream reminds you to start exploring your happiness, fear, anger, contempt, and sadness again. The blood in the water in your dream may also signify the stress you’re currently experiencing in your waking life and that you’ll soon heal from it. (Read Why Can’t I Run Fast In My Dreams)

Blood-stained clothes

The meaning of blood-stained clothes in a dream depends on the stained clothing type. If it’s your clothes, it may signify your self-esteem issues and how you’re having doubts about your current relationship. If the blood-stained clothes belong to others, they may represent your vengeful thoughts and how you plan to seek revenge on others.

Dreaming Of Blood Clots