Dream Dead Person Waking Up Coffin

Dreams are fun and amazing until you see a dead person in a coffin. Suddenly, you feel like you’re a main character in a horror movie wanting to escape a nightmare. And as if that isn’t scary enough, that dead person wakes up from the casket he’s in.

It’s only normal to feel frightened when you encounter this scenario. However, seeing this happen in your dream can tell you something. Read on to discover the meaning behind this dream and other interpretations of why you dreamt of it.

Coffin Dream Interpretations

You might think that seeing a coffin in your dream may signify death. In reality, it’s the opposite; a coffin can mean something new is about to start. 

In general, a coffin in your dream suggests that guests will come into your life and expect your well-being. These guests can bring you happiness and ensure you make them feel welcome.

coffin in a funeral

However, a specific scenario can mean entirely different. Here are 10 of the most common ones and their meanings:

Dream about looking at a coffin

When you suddenly stumble across a coffin in front of you, it can be a warning sign that an untimely departure might happen. If someone you love or close to you recently passed away, it can symbolize your sadness over their death.

Dream about an open coffin

An open casket in your dream represents your feelings. Suppose the empty casket indicates your current emotional state, where you feel intense emotions and independence. However, when the coffin is only half-open, it can be a warning that a death of a person closely allied or a family member might happen.

Dream about your own coffin

Seeing your casket in your dream signifies negativities that are about to happen in your life. It can come in the form of failure or downfall, such as a negative effect on your career, a business defeat, or a breakup with your significant other.

Dream about seeing your corpse in a coffin

It’s a different story when you see your corpse in a coffin. Seeing your body in a casket means your brave efforts will be dishonored. However, if you see yourself sitting on the casket in a moving hearse, it denotes desperate illness for you or a person close to you.

Dream about seeing someone you know in a coffin

To dream that a close friend or an acquaintance is in a coffin means that you will receive good news about this particular person. This person might reap significant achievements and massive success, such as fame.

Dream about lying in a coffin

Thinking about lying in a coffin or just sitting on top of it could indicate that you’re currently suffering from a fatal illness. It could also signify regret after you took a wrong action.

Dream about the coffin moving by itself

It can be an ominous dream if you see a coffin suddenly moving without anyone touching it. It can signify a huge humiliation because of your doings. A coffin moving by itself also denotes sickness or an upcoming petty fight with your partner.

Dreaming about a coffin rising from the grave

graves in a cemetery

It’s a positive sign if you dream of seeing a coffin rising from the grave. It signifies that you’re at the phase of your life where you feel very contented and happy, especially if you waited so long to experience it.

Dream about a coffin at a funeral

They say that seeing both a coffin and a funeral in your dream hints at both positive and negative things in the dream world. A coffin signifies negativity, such as death, while a funeral is a good sign of life. Together, these two indicate obstacles that you will win over.

Dream about a coffin in a backyard

Dreaming about a coffin in your backyard is a bad omen. It means that you’re sensing an impending death that might happen in your family. If you had this dream, take it as a sign and be more cautious about accidents and other illnesses you have among your family members.

Dreaming of a Dead Person Waking Up

Seeing a deceased person waking up also has an entirely different meaning. In most cases, seeing a dead person in our dreams indicates that we must get out of our comfort zones and live to the fullest. They also help us remember things in some way in our waking life.

Here are 10 of the most common scenarios that involve a dead person in a dream and its meaning:

Dream about a dead person in a coffin

Seeing a dead person in a coffin can indicate that you are feeling stress or guilt in your waking life. Since the deceased is in a coffin, it could tell you that some aspects are hidden within yourself that need to be dug deep. It also signifies a fresh start, and you’re ready to embrace new beginnings.

Dream about a dead person alive in a coffin

When you see a dead person alive in your dream, you’re already starting to accept and make peace with the fact that they’re gone. Don’t feel guilty about it if you’re beginning to feel happy again. It is normal as it signifies that you’ve accepted their loss and are moving forward with your life.

Dream about a dead person coming alive

Witnessing a dead person coming alive in your dream can be a warning sign about an incoming death, and your mind is already preparing you for losing a loved one. In some way, it can also indicate your long-held grudge towards a recent person’s death.

Dream about a dead person dying again

Apart from feeling frightened, one thing you might feel when you see a dead person dying again in your dream is how you could’ve prevented this from happening. It only means it shows you what you feel about your death in real life.

Dream about a dead person being happy

happy person

When a deceased person is happy in your dream, you’ll soon find an end to your struggles. It can also indicate that you’ve made the right decisions in your waking life and that happiness and good fortune are coming in the most unexpected ways.

Dream about a dead person smiling 

A dead person smiling can be creepy, but don’t fret; it’s a good omen. Such a dream suggests that you will soon reap great success for all your hard work and the support of a person who’s no longer around. If you suddenly lose a good opportunity, it can signify that you will find a way to go past it and move forward with your life.

Dream about a dead person laughing

To dream about a dead person laughing might be terrifying, but it’s a good omen. It indicates that you will soon receive good news from a close friend. But if you hear the laughter from someone who passed away and it scares you, you will soon be exposed to danger, so be extra cautious.

Dream about a dead person talking to you

This dream means that you are assured that you will be okay with whatever event you’re attending. If the person you’re talking to in your dream is your parents or a deceased brother, it indicates abundance and happiness in your waking life. However, a conversation with your dead sister or a dead friend means the opposite – it signifies uncertainties in your life.

Dream about receiving a present from a dead person

Receiving a gift from a deceased person might feel scary, but it means you’re getting a massive amount of money soon, such as an inheritance. Such dreams are linked to your well-being, and seeing things going in your favor symbolizes that it will also happen to you soon.

Dream about fighting with a dead person

You wouldn’t want to fight with a person, much more with a dead one. Dreaming about it means missing a crucial detail that means a lot to you. It can be an unresolved conflict or an unfinished argument with another person. Fighting with a deceased can also signify feeling threatened by someone’s plans.


It’s natural to feel scared when you dream about the deceased, especially when everything feels too realistic. But don’t be scared the next time you dream about the deceased, coffins, or a dead person waking up. While some scenarios have negative interpretations, it usually means nothing but a good omen.

Just take dreams with a grain of salt – although they can be messages or warning signs, it’s still up to us how we will deal with the dreams we have in real life.

Dream Dead Person Waking Up Coffin